Sam has never had a chance to work with Darian, but has known he and his family for years. When Darian asked his thoughts on bringing a genuine Irish Pub to Hattiesburg, he was very exicited, enthusiastic and immediately knew he wanted to be involved-on any level. He believes Conways fills a niche Hattiesburg has been calling for, as we are one of the most craft beer friendly cities in Mississippi. Sam has traveled across the U.K visiting various pubs, as well as some here in the states. Interestingly enough, food is his main influence when developing a beer. He believes they should elevate one another! Here at Conways, we will offer wholesome fellowship, friendly service, great food and good beer!
Speaking of Beer…A lesson in beer making 101:
Beer is mostly made of water, grains(mostly barley), hops, yeast and occasionally we use fruits, herbs or even vegetables! First, we “mash” the grains in warm water which allows the starches to be converted into sugars. Next, we boil the newly converted sugars to caramelize and sanitize what will become the beer. Hops are added, with it’s bitter acids to balance the residual sugar present after fermentation. After cooling the boiled Wort, we add yeast which will convert the sugars to alcohol and CO2. Then finally, we’ll allow the beer to clear and carbonate before kegging. Lastly, we drink!
For Conways offerings, Sam plans on brewing 3 beers year round, and 1 seasonal beer which will change month to month depending on availability of locally sourced ingredients such as fruits and herbs. The year round beers will be a light style beer such as a cream ale or Blonde, an English style like Bitter or Pale Ale, and the third being either an IPA, Stout or Porter. The seasonal could be a Pumpkin Ale during the fall, a Blue Berry Wheat, or Imperial(stronger) versions of our other beers.
For the residents of The Colony, we plan to offer brewing and cooking lessons/workshops occasionally, and hopefully a yearly homebrew contest! When space is available, Sam will welcome residents and or the general public to sit in on a weekly brew day. He also plans to follow Father Tommy’s example in partnering Conways with the various charities in the Pinebelt.

Come meet Sam at Conways Family Pub. Soon!